The church of Panagia


This is the main Church of Lindos. On the ground before the entranceway is one of Lindos' distinctive mosaic pavements made of alternating black and white river pebbles..
It is located amongst narrow alley ways and shops. As you enter the courtyard the Bell tower is on the left. Climb up the steps for a photo. This is a cross-shaped building with an octagonal dome, whitewashed walls, and red tiled roof. It was built by the Knights in the 14th century and is especially notable for its magnificent interior frescoes.
Every inch of wall space is covered in beautiful frescoes, done in the 1700's. They depict Biblical scenes and a Christian imagery of Mary, Jesus and the saints. In the front of the church is the spectacular carved wooden iconostasis. From overhead hang large bronze layered candle chandeliers.
Over the doorway as you walk out, look up, here you will see a huge colorful fresco with the story of The Last Judgment. Twisting bodies writhe together in the orange and red flames of hell.


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