Lindos Acropolis

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In times gone by the Acropolis of Lindos was dominated by the massive temple of Athena Lindia, which attained its final form in around 300 BC. In Hellenistic and Roman times the temple precinct grew as more buildings were added.

A massive fortress was built on the acropolis by the Knights of St John to defend the island against the Ottomans.
The Castle of the Knights of St John, built some time before 1317 on the foundations of older Byzantine fortifications. The walls and towers follow the natural conformation of the cliff. A pentagonal tower on the south side commanded the harbour, the settlement and the road from the south of the island. There was a large round tower on the east facing the sea and two more, one round and the other on a corner, on the northeast side . Today one of the towers at the southwest corner and one to the west survive.
You can definitely see that this was a prime position for a Castle.

Some scenes of the well-known film, The Guns of Navarone, were filmed here.

I was a little disappointed with the Acropolis. I just expected more!
The views were fantastic, and that was certainly worth while.


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